Puuurfect Pout!

I was digging through my cosmetic box as I do every morning to get my face beautiful for the public eye 😉 I my routine with foundation primer by Laura Mercier, then on to YSL foundation, next is the highlighter brush, and finally a quick dusting of Mac Studio Fix.

Next is the eyes. Unless I am going out I really don’t do much, for one I suck at putting on eyeshadow. I do, I just can’t seem to figure it out no matter how many times I am taught. So I just (carefully) apply Maybeline Great Lash or my Maybeline Lash Stylist masacara and a thin line of liquid eyeliner ( L’Oreal will do just fine)

Finally the finishing touch is the lips. Again not too big on color but I often find it impossible to find the perfect gloss. I had acquired quite a collection- NARS Turkish Delight, Mac Viva Glam, Mac Mouisturizing lip pot, and Christian Dior gloss. Somehow I ran out of my glosses at pretty much the same time. Don’t ask, it just happened. So I frantically ran out to get a new pout.

I am really into change so I did’t want to just pick up a gloss I have previously owned. I waltzed into Nordstrom at the Grove (ummm nightmare!) and barreled through all of the holiday shoppers and headed to the NARS counter. No matter the crowd I always love Nordstrom because the people are just so darn helpful. I told the super cool chick working that I wanted a pinky, glossy, and natural pout. The solution– she said “Turkish Delight”. I said “been there, done that.” I was then pointed to one of NARS’ lip pot and apparently Baby Doll was the perfect shade for me. Let me tell you, where the hell has this been all of my life! I love it. My lips look perfect and the staying power is unbelievable.

NARS Baby Doll Lip Lacquer- Four Paws Up!

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