Merry Marc Jacobs X-Mas

In need for some designer stocking stuffers at a not so designer price tag? Or just a little somehthing for yourself without breaking the bank. Of course you are. Check out what I got for under $12.

Marc Jacobs Fingerless Gloves- $5. I purchased the pink and black striped pair. My rationale was, when I come off of the plane in cold ass Washington DC I will need something fashionable to keep my hands warm.

Marc Jacobs Bandaids- $1.85. These cutie bandaids say “That’s gonna leave a Marc” on the package and the actual bandaid looks like a cut with stitches. Talk about a fashionable injury.

Marc Jacobs Condoms- $1.50- Yeah you heard me, condoms. These bad boys say “Remember Safety First! XXOO MARC JACOBS” After all boys and girls if you are going to have sex please make it safe. I plan on passing my Marc Jacobs condoms to friends in need.

*side note- this holiday season whatever your charity of choice is, now is the perfect time to donate even if its just a little bit. My charity is the Elizabeth Glaser pediatric AIDS foundation*

Marc Jacob Pin- $1.00- Mine says “Cats Need Fashion” how perfect is that?

They also had a cute lipstick pen that I didn’t pick up, why I don’t know. Silly me- when I go back to get my picture taken with santa I will be sure to pick one up.

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