I Heart Sequins

I love sequins, there I said it. Now I don’t always love sequins- I hate them on Cher, I hate them on showgirls, I hate them on a prom dresses, I hate them on Beyonce. However, this holiday season, sequins seem to embody a certain amount a ‘cheer’ Not too much. Just enough to get by.

Look #1 : Full on cheer with the sequined bow dress.

Lust item: Chloe’ $3,660.00 (net-a-porter.com)

Must Have Item: LaRok $248.00 (intermixonline.com)

Look #2: Casual cheer with a sequined top and jeans

Christmas in DC with long sleevs: Sonia Rykel $695 (intermixonline.co)

Christmas in LA with no sleeves: Madison Marcus $235 (intermixonline.com)

Look #3: Can’t commit to full on sequins?

Try a bag: Whiting & Davis $195 (intermixonline.com)

3 thoughts on “I Heart Sequins”

  1. I like sequins when they’re done right… I don’t see it often, but the Chloe dress is so pretty. Most of the time they come off as too Forever-21ish (in a bad way where you can tell it’s cheap).

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