Go for Gold

Ditch the bling, forget about platinum, and silver is for suckers– this new Years Eve rock it out in gold.

Photo Credit: eonline.com (Fashion Police section is now updated daily!)

Please go to eluxury and search “dior gold” everything is so cute! (Eluxury)

Why not draw a little attention the bottom half on New Years? (Eluxury)

Juicy is making a comeback and this new crop of charms are super in and not the least bit cheesy. (Eluxury)

Jeans and Accessory photo credit: eluxury.com (big sale going on right now)

4 thoughts on “Go for Gold”

  1. Excellent!! Gold is my all time favorite. I liked that Trotter romantique heart lock of Dior……it’s really cool. Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. The thing that puts me off about Rock & Republic is that a. I am not skinny enough to wear them and b. they have Victoria Beckham designing jeans. I cannot bear that woman!

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