Dear Fashion Kitty

I am going on a 24hour flight – which includes involves leaving Australia in the middle of summer, stoping in Singapore (which I’ve heard is humid and sticky) for a few hours and then landing in London where it is freezing cold and possibly snowing!! What the heck do I wear on the filght and what do I take in my carry on luggage that will be suitable and comfortable for all 3 countries??

I am going through a similar situation, not nearly as LONG of a flight as you but I am going from warm climate to cold. Here is what I recommend.

1.) Dress comfortably and in layers- Jeans are just not practical for traveling. They are constricting, can cut into you, and when you get antsy on the plane (which I ALWAYS do) they can just make you insane. Now would be the time to ditch whatever feelings you may have against comfty track suits. Find a cute zip hoodie and wear it over top a cute tank or cami. This way you can peel off and look kinda sexy when you are in the warmer climate. For bottoms something loose and comfortable. REMEMBER NO MATCHY MATCHY.

2.) To keep you warm- It’s simply foolish to think that you can stuff a winter jacket into a carry on. Bring a nice sweater jacket so it can double as a blanket- that is what I plan on doing. Just have whoever is picking you up from the airport bring you a real jacket.

3.) In your carry-on- In your carry on its a good idea to toss in a few cold weather accessories. Roll up a scarf, definetly throw in some mittens (or some cute Marc Jacobs fingerless gloves), and a hat. These accessories won’t take up too much space and should provide you some much needed warmth.

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