Dear Fashion Kitty

Hi! Your blog is awesome! About a year ago I bought a jean
jacket (dark blue) that I thought was really cute. Although I love the jacket, I
have never worn it because I’m not sure what would look good with it. Can
jean jackets look modern because for some reason I keep thinking that they’re
very 90s. Should I just give it away? Please help.

Thanks so much

Oh my distressed denim friend, let me show you the light. When I first read your letter my reaction was jumping back in fright. Once you mentioned 90’s I got a mental flashback of me in a pair of jeans, turtle neck, and a jean jacket– and my hair was just awful! Once I recovered from that painful memory I started thinking.

For starters I haven’t seen a denim jacket in a store in quite some time, but I know they will always come back in style so don’t throw it away. I actually purchased 2 denim Betsey Johnson jackets not that long ago and I don’t plan on getting rid of them. I have dreamed up a little outfit for you that I think can successfully bring the denim jacket back (yeah I am that confident). All you need to do is add some modern elements and you are good to go.

Here is what you need…

1.) Denim Jacket

2.) Leggings/ Opaque tights

3.) Short sleeved mini dress or long tunic (crocheted or cashmere will do)

4.) Some boots that hit mid-calf

5.) A lovely slouchy bag

The end result, you will look so downtown cool it’s not even funny! Perfect for a day out shopping or a lunch date. Below are pictures of some items in case you can’t see my fabulous out fit in your head.

Bag by Mike & Chris

Dress can be found at

5 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I always wear mine with black pants and a black turtleneck in winter, or something similarly monochromatic and not as dark in warmer months.

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