Dear Fashion Kitty

I am not sure if this is within the scope of your website but I was wondering
if you could locate the brand name of a white cotton shirt that I saw on an
episode of Friday Night Lights? The episode is called “Crossing the Line”
and came on 11/28 Tuesday. The white cotton shirt was worn at the end of
the episode by the character Lyla Garrity (actress’ name is Minka Kelley) while
she was at a murderball game. It was a short sleeve white cotton shirt
that was gathered at the bust and aline at the bottom. It had a tie in the
back. I have tried to locate a picture of the shirt for a reference but
thus far I have had no luck. I would appreciate any help that you can
offer in locating this top as it is divine!!! And white cotton tops are a
staple with jeans!!!

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Hi there,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunatly I do not watch Friday Night Lights- I searched all of the most popular tee shirt labels- Ella Moss, Michael Stars, Tart, T-Bags, James Perse and Vince. Here are some shirts that slightly fit your descrpition.

READERS: If you watch Friday Night Lights and know about this shirt, please drop a comment. Thanks!

Vince Tee- $68 (has the short sleeves, A – line, and rouching- no mention of back tie though)

James Perse- $88 (short sleeve, twisted not so much rouched, and A Line)

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