Dear Fashion Kitty

I’m not sure if it’s wise to have bought a halter top without knowing how to wear it…and I couldn’t think of anyone else beside you to ask for help…any help with the attached halter top?..Thanks so much!
Violet Virus
PS. I love your “clothes-off-my-back” in your blog! 🙂

First of all so glad you enjoy the Clothes off My Back 🙂 And thanks for the question. I actually have a similar top somewhere in the depths of my closet that I should pull out. Here are my suggestions…

Simple, Casual, and ‘Oh So’ Chic: Just pair this top with skinny jeans, tall boots and a wide LOW slung belt. Add a couple of bangles a big slouchy bag and you are out the door.

Boots- Urban Outfitters

Bag- Lauren Moffatt

Sweet and Sexy: I can also picture this top with a mini skirt, sheer tights, and ankle boots

Boots- Rosetta

Fun and Funky: Again with a mini skirt or a short jumper, but have a little fun with funky socks and ass kickin boots.

Socks/ Boots- Free People

4 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I have been working on styling ads for a New York City based company, eenamaria, and went nuts for their bags and belt-bags.

    The designs are some of the most innovative I’ve seen, and very utilitarian. I already put an order in for their newest collection – Kensington (black and white herringbone pattern), made of the softest lambskin I’ve ever felt-maybe even more supple than the Chanel thigh-high’s (sorry Karl).

    Check out this new brand,, and my fashion styling page,

  2. I just noticed I typed “halter top”…wtf! hahaha…thinking too much of dat halter top I want from Forever21… 🙂

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