Cell Phone Decor

I love to have some individuality in my phone. When I had a flip phone (oh the past) the added some rhinestones to look like Hello Kitty. The I had to have the Sidekick too- blinged that out into a funky geometric pattern. Now I am all grown up (hehe) and have a Smart Phone- Motorola Q to be exact. I wanted to go back to bling routine, but this phone has some many buttons, lenses, speakers, and all sorts of stuff- that it was just too hard to bling.

I have been a huge fan of Skinit for quite some time. It’s a really inexpensive way to jazz up your cell phone, ipod, laptop, and whatever other tech device you can think of without all of the glue and effort. So I recently ordered a snake skin Skinit. Looks pretty good doesn’t it…

Also pictured is my Hello Kitty compact mirror that sticks right on my phone- so I can make sure I am always looking pretty.

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