Baby its Going to be Cold Outside!

I am going home for the holidays in a week, while I am so excited to see my family and friends (haven’t seen them in months) I am terrified of going back to a cold climate. My loathing for Los Angeles has subsided (you heard it here first folks) and I am spoiled rotten now by 70, 80 and the occasional 90 degree fall/ winter days. Its f-in fabulous people! Some mornings when I am pounding away at the computer for some early morning work and am simply miserable…I walk outside to my car and for that short walk I am deliriously happy. Until of course I arrive at the office 😉

So the thought of sitting in a car back east chipping away at ice makes me sick. Me always turning a frown upside down with fashion, I try to think of the fabulous winter attire I am missing out on. Like this D Squared Jacket, sure it cost a ridiculous amount of money- but hey I am not really buying a $2k jacket for a week away so what’s the harm in looking.

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