Wild about VOOM

It is so hard to shop when you are looking for something! I have a red carpet event to go to for work, and although I will be working- I will also be rubbing elbows with some major celebs. So I wanted an outfit that is casual enough to run around like crazy working, but chic enough for red carpet. Quite a task huh? Well, naturally nothing in my own closet would ever do (even though there are clothes in there with tags still on). I had a certain outfit in my mind that I knew I had to wear, but the picture in my mind wasn’t clear enough to know where to go.

First stop Nordstrom, figure that’s a no-brainer have to find something there right? So wrong. Not sure what’s going on in Nordy’s but there was NOTHING I wanted to spend my money on. Went to a few other LA boutiques and nothing was hitting it. So I assumed defeat and headed home. Thankfully the traffic is so terrible I was able to window shop on the way home and then my perfect fashion dreams came true at VOOM.

Where has this store been all of my life? The girl working at the store was beyond nice. I tried on a million pieces and wanted pretty much all of them. I picked up the perfect little silk empire waist tube dress an attached belt with an elephant clasp. Its so funky and cool ( I will put up a pic tomorrow for clothes off my back). If you are in the LA area check out VOOM, I seriously am going back soon.

Check out what the press had to say….

VOOM was founded by Joy Han and her husband, James Kim. Together they
re-launched the line in the Summer of 2005. The collection has been gaining a
lot of media attention and has already been featured in Lucky, Glamour, Marie
Claire, Cosmopolitan, WWD, Luire, Kawaii, ViVi, Ceci, & Apparel News. In
August 2005, VOOM had the prestigious honor of opening up the WWD Visions
fashion show in Las Vegas showcasing 5 key looks for Spring/Summer 2006.

By the way- this jacket is so furry and comfortable- I MUST HAVE IT

5 thoughts on “Wild about VOOM”

  1. I love that jacket, it’s like 250+ though I remember, but it was SO SOFT like a baby bunny except not and more PETA approved (it’s not made out of any animals, I don’t think…). I saw it at the Lets Go here in San Diego and the satiny gold ribbon is so soft and silky I love it all.

    I’ve also seen that red bird dress in like 10 magazines with Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba and some other blonde chick trying it on.

  2. I am too thrilled that you found something! I knew you would! thanks goodness for the traffic huh! I was working last night and missed your call!! I can;t wait to see what you got!

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