So Tell me….

If you could only wear one pair of jeans for the rest of your life, which pair would you choose? ( I know…the shallow minded questions of a fashionista) But I really do want to know.

I would choose my Citizens of Humanity Ingrid jeans. They were my first pair of premium denim jeans, I bought them maybe 4 years ago. I still wear them today, sure they are too big and the material is wearing a bit thin- but with a fresh washing (to shrink them a bit) and a belt, they are denim perfection.

Gees- writing that makes me think I need to order a new pair ASAP. So which pair of jeans can you not live without?

***This just in- even shopbop agrees with me….

Citizens of Humanity
Ingrid Pant Stretch
When you’re looking at the perfect cut, perfect wash, perfect pocket jean there’s just so not so much to be said to add to their appeal.

5 thoughts on “So Tell me….”

  1. My perfect and most favoritest pair of jeans are the Joe’s Muse jean!! I want them in every wash!!! I too have worn them to the point of the material being thin, so I need to get a couple more pairs, but I also love the citizens I am wearing now, I can’t see the tag, but they are the perfect cut and fit, remember when we were in G-Town and they were like dirt cheap! those ones.

  2. Paige Premium Laurel Canyons. And Tsubi super skinny ankle zips.

    I just started my blog, I think we were separated at birth — we have a lot of similar interests (Hello Kitty, Santino, cupcakes, kitties in general)!

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