Mike & Chris Sample Sale

I battled LA traffic this morning to get the skinny on the Mike & Chris sample sale, and while some made out like fat rats…I came out empty handed.

My Mood: I went in with all sorts of excitment built up. I have one Mike & Chris piece that I really like and wanted to buy more, but when I got there my excitement turned to dissapointment. Something about the hustle and bustle of such a massivly popular sample sale turned me off from the buying process all together.

My Reality: Tons of hands grabbing and pulling at garments with only one mirror (which was pretty small) for all the women to check themselves out in. So once you found your size and pushed your way to a piece of the mirror, you realized damn this jacket looks a hell of a lot better on that chick (and what the hell do I need a jacket for anyway).

The Prices: Pretty good steals on some items. Cropped vests as low as $35, jackets about $150. Leather items a lot more expensive ( I thought)– bags $400 leather jacket $450

The Selection: Pretty good, even though I couldn’t manage to find one thing. Below are few things that I tried on (that looked terrible one me) at the sample sale.

In the End: I left dissapointed but didn’t succumb to the pressures of a sale, heck I am so darn proud of myself I might just have to go to the Beverly Center and spend some money.

4 thoughts on “Mike & Chris Sample Sale”

  1. WOW That sucks… I gotta admit the Mike & Chris tee didn’t look as good as I thought it would – but it still looks ok.
    I hate sample sales because of all the ppl!!!
    Yes yes, you should go spend all your money elsewhere. hehe.

  2. The sizing is small–I had to go 1 or 2 sizes up even though I’m petite. The prices aren’t as good as last time either.

    You’re so right that it’s better to save your money on something else. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have this season’s stuff at the next sample sale for even cheaper.

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