The Mighty ‘It’ Bag

I Won’t Succumb… I won’t. I vow to only purchase the bags that I consider “it” I will not let the “it” dictate my decisions.

Now how did I come to such a crazy realization? It all came to when I went out with the intent to finally purchase my big girl designer bag. I carried the Stam, I carried the other quilted Marc Bags, I checked out Louis Vuitton, and the likes– but some reason I didn’t get that same magical feeling I have when trying on shoes. And I thought about how upset I would be when some random was walking by with $50 knock off of the same bag, or when my precious $1250 bag was not longer “it”

So now, Fashion Kitty picks her “its” (which will still be designer and high quality). My “it” could be this $995 Mulberry bag or perhaps this $190 Marc Jacobs bag. Both bags from Net-a-Porter

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