Hip for Hats

I am a huge fan of the hat trend that is going on this fall/ winter season. Even though I am in a warm climate, I will still rock the heck out of a hat. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to not mess up a perfectly good outfit with some bulky jacket. Now just any old hat won’t due- there are still in’s and out’s of hats this season….

(hats pictured below- Beanie from Intermixonline.com $275, Beret from Shop Intuition $25, Fedora from Ravinstyle.com $196)

Good Hats-

  • Fedoras – a hot Hollywood trend right now, adds a bit of funk and style to an ordinary outfit
  • Beanies- a great solution to a bad hair day- that’s all I have to say about that
  • Berets- add a touch of class to virtually any outfit, or go with a baggy beret for a more downtown look

Bad Hats-

  • Bucket Hats- unless you want to look like you are 12 years old- ditch the bucket

    Newsboy hats- some variations are fine (knitted are a hot trend) but some (cords- are so passe)

    Floppy Hats- perfect for the beach, but keep them off the streets

  • Baseball caps- good for a weekend- but not so much for a trendy on the town outfit)

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