Hello Kitty Shopping Spree

I love Hello Kitty, that is no secret- but putting me in a Sanrio store after a glass of wine (okay it was two)…now that is LOVE. I went wild and got some really cute stuff that I didn’t need. A Hello Kitty Stapler, mechanical pencil, PEZ dispenser, waaaay too many notepads, lip gloss and best of all a compact mirror that sticks on to your cell phone!!!!!!! Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find a picture online (www.sanrio.com) to show you all. But while I was online I decided to order a few things…

Hello Kitty Coffee maker, business card holder, contact lense case. I was able to rationalize these purchases because not only are they cute, they are practical too!

8 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Shopping Spree”

  1. i love hello kitty. every time i see the toaster, I am compelled to have hello kitty burned into my toast. i don’t think that would go over very well with the boyfriend.

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