Happy Birthday to Me Continued….

Apparently turning 26 means turning Michael Kors.
Today I received my much loved Aquarious Boots from Michael Kors (this time it was gift that I didn’t pay for- horray for real gifts) . They are totally gorgeous in per
son, and the heel is the perfect height and width. High enough to be sexy and not frumpy- wide enough to keep you stable and on your feet all day. Love these boots!!!

I also got the gift of cosmetics- finally got the YSL Perfect Touch Foundation…and yes it is as good as every website says it is. You get the look of not wearing make-up with all the benefits of wearing make-up. Every flaw I wanted to cover was covered and it is light and airy as if nothing is on the face. As an added bonus got the radiant touch highlighter from YSL. This is perfect under the eyes, chin…or anywhere you need a lift and a highlight. I look dag on flawless with this stuff. Don’t know how I lived without it, thank goodness it came around- you know with my old age and all.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me Continued….”

  1. Hey homey! I’m glad you got your boots! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Can you check my blog and help me pick a dress? necesito tu opinion!

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