Girl vs. Pants

Oh the struggles of trying on pants. Well not so much if you pick up the proper size, but I think we can all sympathize with this poor girl. But there is some truth to this silly little message, once you find the perfect fit, its hard to find that fit again. You wear your perfect fitting jeans, and by the end of the day the butt is sagging. Toss em in the wash and you find yourself bungie jumping off of your bed to get them back on. So a little Cheer True Fit detergent could be the solution- I went online to get my free sample. I will be sure to follow up on how it works once I get it.

Girl vs Pants

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2 thoughts on “Girl vs. Pants”

  1. omg too funny…seriously – if i can’t get them past my thighs when trying them on – i just take them right back off!!!

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