Eyebrow Drama Fo’ Yo Mama!

My eyebrows are precious to me, they make the face. A scraggly bunch of brows can look just heinous and ruin a perfectly good looking face. So I wax, and pluck and groom. However, moving to a new city can put a wrench in the routine. Finding that new special someone to call your very own eyebrow groomer can be a task. Someone who knows how to shut the hell up and wax. Someone who will not attempt to up sell you with “other” waxings.

Here is my story.

Went to get my eyebrows waxed, I tried to hold off as long as I could with random home pluckings. So I stroll in ask for one eyebrow wax…

I immediately get the response of ” Oh…ok… one eyebrow and one lip wax”

Say wha….bitch!!! I politely respond “Nope, just the brows”

Head back to the waxing room and again broken English I hear ” Are you sure you no want a lip wax- first thing I thought when I see you….big mustache”

Me– “No, I don’t get lip waxes, just the brows please”

Crazy bitch- ” Ohhhhh…ohhhh…look-a-like you need a full face wax, look at your sideburns!” This insult is followed by a crazy burst of laughter.

Me– ” Just the brows!”

Story ends with me have lopsided and poorly waxed eyebrows. I am not pleased. At all. I even, foolishly, said to her that this one looks a bit shorter than the other. In return- she makes it even shorter. Now its taken a home plucking a little filling- needless to say this place is getting crossed off the list.

If anyone has any eyebrow horror stories or places they can recommend in the LA area- please drop me a line. PLEASE.

5 thoughts on “Eyebrow Drama Fo’ Yo Mama!”

  1. what a rude biatch!!!!
    thats one of the main things im worried about moving to London… i’ve had the same eyebrow waxer for years…
    Good luck in finding one.

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