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At today’s Original Trends Holiday Bazaar I had a chance to chat up the folks from Yoga Army. I was immediately blown away by their incredible line, and for some reason I just could not pull myself away from the table. Clearly no one else could either, as it was the obvious winner of the “most popular” booth in the Original Trends yearbook- if there were such a thing. From dresses to tanks, pants to skirts; there was something for everyone in this up and coming line. The celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon…will you?


Can you think of a more empowering feeling than looking utterly fabulous and sexy? Well, okay saving the world and doing well for others is pretty empowering too. You may not be able to save the world, but Yoga Army brand clothing can make you look good and feel darn good about it.

Why: With fabrications, clothing construction, and of course the designing all done exclusively in the USA; you know you have an honest set of clothes on your back. So worries of looking good at the expense of an under paid child won’t be an issue.

The Look: Comfort meets high fashion- in the sexiest way possible. Jersey knits have never looked so good! Mixed with lace, beads, mohair, tie-dye, and unique construction these sexed up fashions are sure to turn a head or two. If I had to compare to something I have seen now, I would peg it as a fresh combination of Juicy Couture and Betsey Johnson.

* I bought- These hot little numbers- the flirty blue and green lacey dress which is soo sexy on (bra note- lift and separate for sure) The black tube dress, I was very skeptical of…but seriously I wish I had it in every color. It looks AMAZING on.

Why You Will Love it: Sometimes it hard to achieve high fashion looks that are playful and fun without putting an exorbitant amount of energy to complete the look. Yoga Army certainly fits into the Fashion Kitty Throw and Go category. And because of all of the extra embellishments you don’t even need to think about what accessories you need to complete the look- so its is throw and go in its truest form.

Who Wears It: Besides yours truly, other high profile fashionistas have joined the Yoga Army. Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Cavallari …even a Playboy Bunny or two.

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