Dear Fashion Kitty

Are scarves coming back into style? I have a whole shoebox full –
some regular sized ones and some long skinny ones and some oversize square ones.
How does one wear scarves (if they are back in)?

Hate to burst any style bubbles- but scarves have sort of walked out of the lime light. They are literally so 5 minutes ago. BUT that is in eyes of someone who wants to avidly follow trends. If you believe you can rock the hell out of a scarf- then rock it! Here are some ideas

Get Frenchy: Be oh so chic and tying a scarf around your neck

Mechanic Chic: Look like a total hottie with out even fixing your hair, just pop a designer scarf around your noggin and people wont know what to think. I know I occassionally pull this look with my D&G scarf or Fendi if I am feeling classic.

Whatever you do…… DO NOT DO THIS: Kristin is the epitome of 5 minutes ago.

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I remember last year people were sporting this skinny scarf hanging down look. This year it’s all about wrapping a wider scarf around your neck, which offers more warmth anyway.

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