Dear Fashion Kitty

Recently I was talking to my fiancé who wants to get a pair of boots and she pointed me to a pair Charlize Theron was wearing at the Monster Premiere in New York. She said she really liked those and would want a pair. Unfortunately I’ve looked endlessly on the web and haven’t found what brand they are. Could you help?

Oh…finding celebrity shoes can be a challenge. Especially on older shoes (Monster was made in 2003) Eeeps… I searched high and low.

The studs on the boots looked a little Michael Kors, the vampiness made think Versace. But I honestly am stumped. If anyone out there knows please help this man! I mean what man actually hunts for shoes for his fiance. Thats love, and shoes equal love. I don’t care if the old saying goes “Buy a person shoes they will walk right out of your heart” Or life or something. Its crap!

Even if you don’t find these exact boots, over the knee boots are so in style. I have been lusting over the Marc Jacobs over the knee boots in black, but Karina XOXO reminded me they come in brown. So check them out… here

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  1. Those boots are super cute! Have your tried emailing the Frugal Fashionista? She’s a genius at figuring these things out! Depending on his budget, Kristopher Dukes showcased another pair of MJ Boots on her blog too.

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