Book Review- French Women for All Season

Sometimes I do things backwards, for example I always read my magazines backwards- so reading books should be no exception. My curiosity was perked when I saw Mireille Guiliano on the Today Show chatting with Matt Lauer (what a dork he is) about her new book ‘French Women for All Seasons’, a sequel to her popular book ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’. When I saw it on sale at the grocery store, I thought “What the hey, haven’t read a book in a while”

So I sat down and read this non-diet book from cover to cover. I was shocked! This book was fantastic. It is so cliche- but it really made me think about making a life change when it comes to food. ‘French Women for All Seasons’ was nothing but a dose of common sense- but like I say “common sense, not so common”

This book discusses changing your relationship with food. No need to eat bland boring diet food, eat regular delicious healthful food but eat it slow and enjoy it. Just by enjoying your food (and a daily glass of wine) you will end up cutting down your portion sizes without even knowing it. How many times do you wolf down some food and not even take notice of the taste? By the time you realize “damn that was good” you just reach for seconds and thirds- not even giving your brain the time to register the fact that you are full.

I know you have heard it all before– but I am telling you this book is different. The way Mireille describes food makes you really want to eat it (the recipes are in the book too) and enjoy it. This book is so well written that you instantly believe that you can do it! Give it a shot and tell me what you think! Already read it? Drop me a comment.

* Oh and in the tradition of being backwards…I picked up the first book today*

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