What is in my Bag?

Too much! Daddy Likey inspired me to dig deep inside my purse and expose everything that is inside. Be afraid. Maybe this will force me to take somethings out and perhaps throw somethings away or just stop carrying them. My bag feels like it weights 50lbs and anyone who knows me makes fun of me for carrying around a bottomless pit of a bag. So here we go….

The Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs

The Contents- Endless

Side Pocket #1-

Eye Essentails Kit ( Tweezers, small mascara, small eyebor gel, eyeliner)

Hello Kitty book of business cards (other peoples)

My work badge

Parking Stub

Business Cards

Baby Bell Cheese (okay this is just wierd- Daddy Likey had string cheese in her purse)


Lip Smacker (Chocolate and Starbust Flavors)

2 eye glass cleaning wipes

2 rubber bands

3 pens

Purell Hand Sanitizer

OPI Nail polish in Lincoln Park After Dark

Side Pocket #2-

Orbit Gum (lemon lime)

3 Rubber Band

Pink Bluetooth earpiece

Betsey Johnson Change Purse

Green Tea pills

Check I need to cash
Motorola Q

Main Compartment



Another pen

Gucci Sunglasses

Pink Kodak digital camera

Check Book

2 more rubber band



Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight

More business card in a Coach card holder

MAC Lipliner


Yet another pen

What I learned-

I have far too many pens and ZERO paper, too many rubber bands (considering I never wear my hair up), Maybe its time to consolodate the business cards. Thats about all I learned and those lessons will do nothing to lighten my bag. Oh well!

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