Saturday Clean Sweep

What’s a girl to do when she wants to use her Saturday afternoon for shopping- but she has realized she just can’t do it to her wallet (buying a car days before really takes a toll on the bank account) A girl stays in and cleans!

Not sure if I have mentioned this but my closet in my LA apartment is ridiculously small compared to my DC apartment. Its still pretty big, it just that my old closet was big enough to pass for a bedroom. The way I originally set up this much smaller closet just wasn’t working- it looked like a (very fashionable) jungle.

I organized that closet to pieces and in the words of Tim Gunn I “made it work.” Now I can hold my head up and walk through my closet (without turning sideways).

2 thoughts on “Saturday Clean Sweep”

  1. great miinds def think alike! I too oranized my closet and can “hold my head high” and walk through without tripping over shoes!!!

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