Nordstrom Beauty Bonus

This always happends to me- I wait and wait for Nordstrom to have a beauty bonus, and I give up and go wild on buying products (remember my skincare splurg) Well now they have a bonus- so I need to think of how I can spend $95. I mean look at this bonus -its LOADED with stuff and it all comes in a cute train case.

Here are somethings I am thinking about buying…

Go Smile- $120. I have heard so many good things about this product, and sure its expensive- but its cheaper than getting your teeth professionally whitened right. Has anyone used this? If so drop me a comment to help in my descision making process. YSL Perfect Touch Foundation- $50. I am like the anti foundation, I always get blisting images in my head of my days of wearing Cover Girl in the 8th grade in a shade that was so not right for my skin tone. However, the word on the beauty street is that this stuff is flawless! You get a face that belongs in magazines. So naturally I want to try it. No messy finger application b/c it has a built in brush and its good for touch ups. Only problem- finding the right shade online. Trish McEvoy Brush Kit- $58. I always wind up buying cheap brushes that over time just end up, well- sucking. I need to pony up and get something good. Trish is supposed to have some of the best. While I am still kind of being a cheap bastard with the travel size- its a start right?

4 thoughts on “Nordstrom Beauty Bonus”

  1. Good god! That bonus could beautify an entire village! I’d go for the YSL foundation, because I think I hear something amazing about it everyday (sometimes twice) and I want it but I can’t afford it so I’d like to live vicariously through you.

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