Let there be Peace

I am sure everyone has heard that Paris and Nicole have reconnected ( over steaks- who doesn’t love a good steak) I couldn’t help but notice how TERRIBLE Nicole looked. I hope Paris was jamming food down her throat in an effort to plump her back up. For a while I thought this was a fake Nicole, all for publicity. But, the next day photos has surfaced and I guess it really is Nicole. Oh and I love Paris’ Chanel headband. I need that.

6 thoughts on “Let there be Peace”

  1. Nicole looks terrible hey. I just can’t see her and paris being pals as they used to – because Nicole seems like frail and shy now – where as paris still loves the attention

  2. I thought the same thing. When I saw those pictures I really just wanted to give her a hug. And yeah, I’m totally yearning for Paris’s headband too, and it’s a very rare occurrence that I yearn for anything of Paris’s.

  3. Paris is driving again? Nicole and Mariah need to switch diets. So Nicole and Paris are back, where does that leave Lin Lo?

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