A Juicy Comeback

Juicy Couture sort of lost their street cred after the whole velour track suit and Uggs trend got way out of hand. It started innocently enough it was a cute (at the time) way to be comfortable. Then came the knock offs, and EVERYONE got a hold of them. I am talking soccer moms, a slew of un attractive people just roaming the street being “comfortable.” It was bad- and it was all Juicy Coutures fault. So since then I have had a hard time wearing Juicy, and if I did it was with jeans and some heels (anything to remove an element of comfort)

I have a sneaking suspicion that Juicy knew they had created a monster and it needed to be remedied. So they start designing jewelry (pretty cute), perfume (what were they thinking), and actual COUTURE (oh hell to the naw- that was a flop). However after perusing around the net I am confident they can make a comeback. Check out some of their looks I consider to successful.

This bracelet holds lipgloss!

I wish for Couture as well…

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