The Importance of Accessories

Accessories, they are a key staple to a wardrobe. I even went so far to call them important. Yes sure there are more “important” things in the world, but you are reading a fashion blog so snap out of it and put your mind in the proper shallow gutter.

I was talking to a fellow fashion blogger and we proposed the (very silly) hypothetical question “If you were offered either to have all of the most expensive designer clothes you ever wanted OR the most expensive designer accessories in the world, which would you choose?” After spending no time at all pondering, we both decided it would be accessories. They make the outfit!

How perfect would your outfit be with jeans (okay so those do need to be designer), a plain white or black tank from Target, a smantabulous designer bag and some killer shoes. Maybe add some jazz with some inexpensive or vintage jewelry and you look like a million bucks.

If you flipped the situation, to have say this fab-u designer outfit with a knock off bag and some less than perfect knock off shoes… No one will ever take your outfit seriously. You will look like a joke and a pitiful joke at that.

On that note… I have decided that I have the expensive shoe obsession turned on to high. I have Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Michael Kors… and don’t think I will stop there. But my bag collection is lacking; one Marc by Marc Jacobs, a Fendi, and a vintage Gucci. I need a new bag- one that will stay in style for years and years to come. It will require shelling out a large sum of cash, so I best start saving.

Even though I know plenty of people sport the knock off- I think that a Louis Vuitton is the pinnacle of a high fashion bag. It also happens to the most knocked off bag EVER, but isn’t that the most sincere form of fashion flattery?

*pictured- Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM bag from

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Accessories”

  1. I agree with you…if you r wearing designer clothes – you need designer accessories. But you don’t necessarily need to be wearing designer clothes to have a designer bag or pair of heels – which will still make you look a million bucks.

  2. hell yes to accessories!!! without them, where oh where would my outfits be!!! They make any shirt look ab-fab! and a damn good bag makes you look just like that million bucks you are talking about!!! My tax return= 1/2 new LV Damier Speedy 30 + 1/2 Vaca fund. What a fabulous equation!!!

  3. Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at

    Any other good sweepstakes out there? It helps with the holiday shopping list, so figured I’d start some postings on it so we can share info (sure we’re competing against each other but hey, we all improve chances of winning something when we know about them).

  4. I agree… I was reading the question and I was reading your answer and answering it myself at the same time…well ofcourse the access. are more importante… If you must choose…
    I wish I wouldn’t have to choose..

    ENID P.

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