Gold Rush

AOL Welcome screen is pretty good at pulling me in, especially the topics on celebrities. So when I saw a picture of Laura Flynn Bolye, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce and the headline says only one tips the scales at over 100lbs. SAY WHA!!!!

I had to click through, listen to what AOL’s Gold Rush seems to think about these celebrities weight. Laura comes in at 92 lbs maybe I can believe that maybe…she is skinny but has managed to put on some much needed weight lately.

Drew. They have drew at 98 lbs, are you kidding me!! Drew is known for her healthier figure she ain’t so darn 98lbs. I would rank her at 135lb. Which is a fine weight.

And perhaps the most shockingly inaccurate figure of all is Beyonce- at 124lbs. Beyonces big ass is NOT 124lb…not even close. I would tack 20 plus lbs on that frame putting her closer to 145lb. Which again- not a bad weight. She carries it well.

I wish people would stop low-balling these weights (US Weekly is notorious for this) I think this is a sure fire way to make people uneasy about their weight. Maybe if some truth was spilled that your favorite celebrities broke the 100 mark on the scale people would be less likely to starve themselves. Just a thought.

Check out Gold Rush and let me know what you think about this weighty issue>

5 thoughts on “Gold Rush”

  1. I totally agree – if young girls could see they are a ‘normal’ weight they might not be so influenced by being stick thin.

  2. Hmm actually my cheer coach used to be a back up dancer for beyonce and said while she does have a booty she is stick thin…so maybe they’re right about her weight

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