Fashion Kitty’s Top 10

In no particular order… I have decided to add a Top 10 reads to my blogroll, and here they are.

  1. Closet Therapy: For her intersting content, kick ass contests, and unbelievable fashion sense.
  2. Karina XOXO: I think Karina is the most active blogger in the history of fashion blogs. Go to a blog- she’s gotta comment. Hopefully she makes it out to the states one day so she can really flex her fashionable muscles.
  3. Fashion Tribes: Not only because I am a contributor, but because its like a fashion magazine from all perspectives. I am a downtown doll- who are you?
  4. Go Fug Yourself: The Joan Rivers of today. The Fug ladies can hurl an insult with the best of them and I certainly admire that.
  5. The Buffoonery: More hilarious commentary on loser celebrities, but from a male’s perspective (and not a gay man either)
  6. The Skinny Website: For some reason- anytime some particular nasty skinny celebs are on the cover of US Weekly I immediatly snatch it up. I don’t know, tabloids are like a girls version of porn and freaky skinny stars are my fetish.
  7. Want Need Have: One of my most fashionable partners in crime.. look out for LA domination by Miss Want Need Have and I.
  8. Style Bites: The blog intro says it all “If you ever wanted to chuck the boho bracelets and ditch the designer jeans (or just wish you had that reserve) this is the blog for you” Plus Style Bites let you in on all the cool web happening in their Web Snob section.
  9. Shoewawa: Again not just because I am a contributor- but because its a blog solely devoted to shoes! Need I say more? Didn’t think so.
  10. Purple World: a new blogger on the block and a good friend of mine. After years of friendship and hilarous IMs and emails with funny pictures and commentary Miss. Purple is starting her own blog and its sure to be a hit.

And other blogs- I love you too! Some honorable mentions…

Daddy Likey- (it was hard for me to keep this out of the top 10)
California Style- someone has to help me adjust to this crazy LA life
Style Minded- another East to West blogger that I am a fan of

3 thoughts on “Fashion Kitty’s Top 10”

  1. awww your too kind chicky!!!
    and next year I’ll be a helluva lot closer to the US – so I can certainly say I’ll be visiting your mid next year 🙂

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