Fall Fashion Resolutions

I have really been in the blahs lately with my personal style. Moving was tough- most of my accessories, cute clothes, and good shoes were packed away in storage; I was dressing out of a suitcase for well over a month. Once I moved (into my tiny apt- with a tiny closet) Seeing my lovely these has been hard and getting organized. BUT I will not let that get me down. I want to get back to the old me, start looking all cute again and being then envy of every girl that walks by.

So I am in need a wardrobe revamp and a updated look. So I am compiling a “shopping list” if you will of things I am going to be on the hunt for to improve my look (and my mood- blah)

  • Over the knee (at least knee high) black boots
  • Black Leather Jacket (suited for a badass fashionista)
  • Lace Up Boots ( Michael Kors)
  • Tights (grey and black)
  • Over the knee leg warmers
  • Plaid Shorts
  • Shrunken Vest/ Shrunken sweater vest
  • Layering Tees (long sleeve in blk and wht)
  • Oversized Cardigans
  • Plaid Hoodie
  • Ass kicking boots

I want to look like a dark, ass kicking, high fashion street chic. Lots of black, lots of layers, and texture galore. I think I can do it, just have to put my mind to it.

And once I get out of my fashion rut- I am going to start posting clothes off my back again! So stay tuned.

Also if anyone has some links or items I just have to have- please point it out to me.

6 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Resolutions”

  1. Black over the knee boots – a la Devil Wears Prada??? hehe
    You probably know (because you pointed it all out to me) but Shop Intuition has a really cute cropped Mike & Chris leather cropped vest… which I think would look awesome with black layered tees.
    Its good to know a styling chickie like u still have ‘fashion bleh-ness’ 🙂

  2. Fashion Kitty!!! I feel your pain!!! After injuring my back I too was just in a blah mood and a rut fashion wise! I got so comfortable wearing comfy clothes! read, bummy, because all I cared about was being comfortable because my back hurt!! So yesterday! I said enough of this! I kicked off my flats, threw on my heels, my skinny jeans and a cute tunic/dress, lots of black beaded necklaces and head out the door!!! What a difference a day makes! I too can’t wait to revamp my new humongous closet with all of the new fall fashions! Oh how I wish you were here so we could take part in “Spend Your Money Saturday!”
    Miss you!!

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