Don’t Throw Away Your Overalls Just Yet…

Because apparently they are making a comeback! I first saw a smidgen of the trend on Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Runway- it was subtle enough (more like pant with suspenders), then I saw the look lookin’ pretty damn hot on Shopbop- but last night while getting an evening dose of gossip tv People’s style team said the Farmer Joe fashion is making a comeback this year. I knew there was a reason I could never part with my ultra comfy pair from college or my post college pair from Betsey Johnson. I actually test drove the style in the comfort of my own apartment, and scoff if you will- but I am giving the look a try. Not in public until I prefect it of course.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Throw Away Your Overalls Just Yet…”

  1. I think the pin a fore style pants look better than the usual denim overalls. I think it’ll totally be one of those things that some ppl can rock – other’s can’t!

  2. I really really like the wide leg pants that Victoria’s wearing…I’ve been wanting a pair of suspenders for a while. I’d feel a bit silly in overalls (although they were a stape of my wardrobe way back when).

  3. Those aren’t overalls! Those are suspenders!! :O Suspenders are DEFINITELY in. Never overalls. I’d never go back to wearing what I wore in third grade. 🙁

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