Dear Fashion Kitty

I am am attending a wedding and I have a chocolate color dress, should I wear the same color shoes with it or should I go with silver shoes?????????

Ok. Do NOT wear silver shoes!!! I would rather see clown shoes with that dress than silver shoes. It would age me 50 years if I saw silver shoes paired with that dress.

But kudos on the dress, pretty darn cute for something you plan to sport at a wedding. If you want to go metallic or you can’t find cute brown shoes I would go with gold. Check out these for some ideas…

Stewart Weitzman

4 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I never saw anything wrong with silver shoes…But definitely I see what you are saying now… I have seen the error of my ways…

    ENID P.

    P.S. I have never owned a pair silver shoes.

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