Dear Fashion Kitty

I have a burning question for you. I have a couple of jersey dresses, which are so cute and comfy, but I don’t wear them that often because I have no idea how to do so without showing off

a) the outline of everything I’m wearing underneath

b) every unflattering ounce of body fat highlighted by what I’m wearing underneath (I don’t have back fat until I put on a bra, damnit)

c) every lump and bump in general.

Pretty much, these dresses look so cute on the hanger but when I put ’em on and look in the mirror, goodbye self-esteem. Is there a secret way to wear these that will keep my self-esteem intact? I’ve been wearing cute vintage slips underneath, but even that doesn’t solve things completely, and it’s a hassle to make sure the slip shows just enough that people know I’m showing it on purpose, you know? Okay jeez long question. I’m done now.

Jersey Girl(it’s late and that was the best wordplay I could think of)

Jersey Girl,

I swear you are inside my head and reading my thoughts. I am in major need of new clothes (okay- major is a bit strong) But as everyone knows I moved West and need to stop layering like I am East. So I made it my mission to pick up some “throw and go” dresses (jersey dresses)

But in the dressing room- I am singing a different tune. You can see my bra, you can see the lace from my thong, you can see my belly button ring outline. It may sound sexy to some of you, but its not.

So I started to think of solutions. I was looking for something girdle-esqe but with out being a girdle. Where to go for a body slimming, line minimizing under garment. SPANX. If its good enough to on Mama Oprah’s favorite things its good enough for me.

Spanx Hide & Seek Camisole (also comes in black)- Slims and smooths without looking all granny.

Spanx also has tights, slips, and leg slimmers (which I find far too dorky-especially if you ever ended up having to remove clothes in front of anyone- if you know what I mean)

Find Spanx at Nordstrom. I have used Spamx products in the past (tights) they are worth every penny.

4 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. Thank you so much for the advice! I have been intrigued by the rumored power of Spanx for so long but have actually never tried them. I may order some online tonight so I can finally wear my supercute dresses with the regularity they deserve!
    Much love and gratitude,

  2. I wear Spanx all the time now and I can vouch for the fact that they do exactly what the Fashion Kitty says they do. Even if you’re reasonably fit and slender, as I am, you’re going to jiggle and you’re going to have little bulges if you’re trying to wear clingy clothes and you have a female body. That’s just the way it is. My everyday Spanx are the Power Panties, which offers pretty decent girdle control without being technically a girdle. For dresses or outfits that require a little more control above the waist, I go with the Higher Power style. I find them perfectly comfortable to wear all day long, although there are women who don’t, like my sister. The only thing I’d warn you about is that they take a little wiggling to get into (they are girdles after all, in spite of the name). But you shouldn’t be embarrassed. My boyfriend says he thinks it’s sexy to watch me get into them. Whatever!

  3. I love Spanx so much too! In fact I just did a post about them a couple weeks ago! They do exactly what you said and are so comfy you can wear them all day:)

  4. Thanks for this! I am so going to pick up the Spanx cami to go with my Sexy Witch Costume so I can minimize any lumps or bumps that want to expose themselves!!!

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