Dear Fashion Kitty

I have this cute outfit consisting of a brown skirt, a turquoise wrap sweater and a pair of really cute Turquoise patent and suede flats. My question it this. I was looking at the very bradley Java blue handbag to purchase to go with this outfit. Is this type of purse still “in” or are they considered old lady? If they are not “in” what type of purse should I use for this outfit? I have included pictures of all the items. The shoes and the sweater match perfectly and the dark brown that is in the bag is the same as the skirt.

*Denial Renae*

Hate to rain on your parade- but I am so against Vera Bradley bags, I simply don’t get them. They smell of old lady and I will never understand them. Ok, I am done with that rant. Now lets find a solution for your outfit. Remember- Fashion Kitty has expensive taste, so take my ideas and then hit TJ Maxx and Target and find a rippin’ knock-off. If you are just jazzing and outfit and not looking for the ultimate purse, then thats the solution to go with.

Lucky Brand $168

Isabella Fiore $553

I also think it would be super cool if you gave this look a downtown hip look with a cute hat (if you go with a solid bag) and a necklace to point to some cleavage (sex it up a bit- you ain’t no granny;)

* Bag and Hat from

5 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I went against your advice and got the Vera Bradley. I just thought it looked really cute with the outfit. Right now it is the only outfit that I have that I would carry it with. Why do you hate Vera so much?

  2. I saw the complete outfit on your blog. You pulled together the whole look…very cool. I just never understood the craze on those bags. Makes me think I should load up those bags with yarn and needles. Maybe its just me…

  3. fashion kitty, I agree, i never understood these “bags” i think they are awful! why they became so popular I will NEVER understand. yes they should all be loaded up with yarn and needles and then tossed in the stuffy attic where it belongs!

  4. I don’t understand the craze either, I just thought the pattern was cute and would match the outfit. Some people buy every bag they have in the same pattern. Pure craziness!

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