Dear Fashion Kitty

In Winter, It seems like every 2nd female is wearing a black/netural coat, scarf of some sort and black leather ‘lady’ gloves… What are some things I should buy/wear if I want to stay warm in the ‘almost snow’ weather but still have my own touch of style.

Thanks girlie!!

Isn’t it so boring; the standard black or some sort of khaki winter trench. Blah. Doesn’t seem like a tall order to find something non black or khaki. Something non boring. It’s not easy! Man people like being boring in the colder months. I did manage to find some cute alternatives to the hum drum winter gear blahs. Check them out.

Sporty Look- Perfect for dashing out for a coffee or shoveling the sidewalks, this bubble vest is lined in pink and trimmed in fur. Super cute.

Downtown Chic– Casual night out with friends on a brisk night, toss on this fleece all in one jacket and scarf. May be in a semi-neutral color (they call it cement) You will look ulta hip without being too loud with your style.
Girl on the Town- Stand out in the crowd in this completely BAD ASS jacket. I love this thing and I must have it. Sure I already have 2 leopard print coats- but nothing like this.
Baby It’s Cold Outside- Sometimes you have to be a bit practical with your cold weather choices. Here is a good choice. Not too over the top and not too dull.

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