Cosmetic Bag Must Have

I went out on another skincare run the other day ( I know I am junky on actually taking care of my skin now) I needed to buy a full size bottle of MD Skincare spot treatment. If you don’t have that yet you are NUTS. I have been so stressed lately, I can feel my skin breaking out before anything even happens. One drop of MD and those pimples never even get to show their ugly little head.

Anyway, I am losing track here. So I am talking to my skincare consulatant and I was telling her that I wish I had something to put on that would make my make-up go on smoother. She knew just what I needed… Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer. I AM IN LOVE.

I used it for the first time today. Not only did it fill in any pores and wrinkles (if I had any) it made my make-up stay on ALL day!!!! ALL DAY. I have been out and about and my make-up has not even needed a touch up. I urge you to get your hands on this stuff. If you are prone to breakout get the oil-free.

Anyone out there ever use this product? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “Cosmetic Bag Must Have”

  1. girl, you’re reading my mind. Yesterday I spent ages in Nordies and picked up some fabulous lotions and potions and totally checked out this Mercier primer. Als fell in love with the Trish McEvoy Egyptian Jasmine candle. $40 though! Yikes.

  2. i was going to buy it full-size… until i skimmed through the ingredient list and realized one of its major ingredients is highly comedogenic… actually most Laura Mercier products are comedogenic (including its oil-free foundations). ew, stay away before your pretty face breaks out all over! im serious!

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