What the…

We have all come to terms with it, figured out a way to incorporate it into our regular everyday lives; no matter how hard it is. I am talking about leggings. It was only months ago that we all scoffed at them, vowed we would not wear them- now they are the norm. The silhoutte is skinny now (whether you like it or not).

But with every trend, there is some moron that takes it all too far. Case in point…these damn leggings. Someone please explain to me what the crap has happened here…Anyone. Please.

Gray Ant leggings $187

5 thoughts on “What the…”

  1. OK! WOW! what IS going on here!!! What is she carrying in her pants!! And WHY oh WHY do they cost more than 5 cents!!! WHY omg! skinny jeans, I can accept, leggings, ugh, I will accept, but THIS! NO NO I WILL NOT accept!

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