Skincare Overhaul

The past few years my skin has been pretty darn good. No need to use any crazy cleansers on my face; just a swipe with a Olay cleansing cloth. But recently my skin has been pretty blah. Between the flights and hotel stays I constantly find myself on, the stress of a move and a new job, AND a not so great eating schedule…my skin is taking a beating.

My skin is lacking the glow is it usually has and I have had some minor pimples (but any pimple is a bad one). Regular spot treatment isn’t cutting, I needed an overhaul. So I stopped into Nordstrom for some help. The woman at the counter was super nice and helpful (plus she gave me a ton of free samples) Here is what I got (lots of MD Skincare, its the best!)…

MD Skincare All-in-One Facial Cleanser w/ Toner click for more info

MD Skincare Hydra Pure Mist (free sample) click for more info

MD Skincare Spot Treatment (free sample) click for more info

Also got a sample of Prevage which feels amazing on the skin (better feel that way for the cost), I purchased Barielle Eye Cream ( to lose any dark circles or puffiness), Keihls #1 lip gloss and I got a really refreshing toner spray by Booth’s its loaded with fruit enzymes and feels oh so tingly.

I am suppposed to see results in about 2 weeks, so I will let you know if my skin improves.

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  1. I reccommend Derma E microdermabrasion scrub. It si awesome for sm,oothign skin, giving a glow and getting rid of little bumps and lumps!!!

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