More Ugly Leggings

Its amazing how I have managed to make a little franchise of ugly leggings postings, but I can’t help that there are so many ugly leggings running loose in the world. This batch comes from LAMB, which after some hesitance I had become a fan of it. But looking at this crap, I am starting to renig my decision to like LAMB. Someone please explain these to me.

3 thoughts on “More Ugly Leggings”

  1. I saw those on a website and closed the window immediately and managed to convince myself they were a bad dream…until now.

  2. um…
    what was Gwen thinking?!
    if anyone was to wear those in public, they will be arrested by the fashion police!

  3. Scary LA flash back of Boy Glamrock bands.. Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Whitesnake… and since this was just what the guys were wearing, I’m afraid to revisit female fashions found at those concerts.

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