Luca Luca

Hi. I am in love. I can just see myself wearing this. Mark my words…I will some how have this outfit! So far in my fashion week observations this takes the cake for best outfit so far. Luca Luca Spring ’07.

One thought on “Luca Luca”

  1. hi. i had a fashion question. is it just me, or did uggs go out about two years ago???? im getting real mad , starting to see them again, for the third season in a row. and is it ok to wear leggings as just pants, or bottums or whatever? is it completely neccicary to wear a dress or skirt or tunic or whatever on top? i love the style. but im tryin to b different here. my family said i lookes like a mime when i wore them plain.. can u put a comment on my blog? i hav a pair of leggings,and i want to find a creative way to wear them before they go out of style.

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