Like We Didn’t Know This…

Britney looks like shit and needs to get back to her old self!

9 thoughts on “Like We Didn’t Know This…”

  1. Does being pregnant mean you don’t have to brush your hair or clean yourself! C’mon she looks like crap- bad body or not. Wanna see cute prego’s? Try Heidi Klum, heck even Homely Katie Holmes looked better than this.

  2. i’m with you fashion kitty! she looks a hot damn mess!!! I hope she gets her shit back together! or stops going on shows and to starbucks looking like a big ball of trash!

  3. I agree with Fashion Kitty and Vafashionista… There are so many pregnant celebs who look amazing… whereas Britney just oozes ‘trash’ (e.g walking around with no shoes on… healthy…not!)

  4. I agree. She doesn’t look bad because she is pregnant. She looked just as bad 90% of the time between Preston and New baby (whose name I have not bothered to learn). She looks bad because she dresses awful (there is lots of great maternity clothes out there, especially on her budget), her hair is a mess and a scary shade of yellow, her makeup is way overdone and looks circa 1985, and she presents herself as if she does not have a drop of class.

    I have a way smaller budget and way bigger butt than here…and I looked way better pregnant.

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