Go Glam or Go Home

Sure Myspace is Myspace- but look at all the trouble it gets people into. Can’t dodge those friends from high school you long to forget, Mr. McUgly trying to be your “friend”, and you have been waiting for “Madonna” to approve your friend request for months (what…its not me).

Wouldn’t you rather be on GlamSpace? Where you can have friends like Karl, Betsey Johnson, and Nanette Lepore (plus everyother fashion designer on earth). Or friends like kick butt bloggers like Kristopher Dukes, and ummm ME!!!!!!!! Yeah sounds pretty great doesn’t it.

Go on…get one. And prove it by being my friend.


3 thoughts on “Go Glam or Go Home”

  1. Thanks Kitty – glad you like it – more cool stuff in the works!

    -D (aka glam community gal)
    also blogging at deborahschultz.com

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