Dear Fashion Kitty

I’m a male and have just one rather huge fashion question. Is there anything on the horizon in the lines of gender-bending fashion for men. I love women’s fashion and all their choices. Women are sooo lucky. They don’t know how lucky they are. I’ve seen skirts for men but they are mostly kilts. I’m looking for something more edgy and more of pushing the gender equality envelope and not so masculine. Or shoes with open-toes, thin strappy sandals, heels, wedgies or even undies or do i have to keep shopping in the women’s departments?

Thank you.

Hi Bender,

We do have it pretty sweet huh? All those flashy cool pieces. I will have to say this really isn’t my dept of expertise, but who is Fashion Kitty not to try and help. I would try International Male for starters, it is a male site- but there are quite a few “girly man” pieces. I did see a pair of sandals that look strickingly similar to a pair in my closet.

Believe it not I found a page for mens skirts (okay skorts but I am sure you will need the extra support)

As for shoes, the only thing I came up with was freaky halloween looking shoes. For that I think you may need to take some tips from your local drag queens for ideas.

Readers, any tips for Mr. Gender Bender??

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