Dear Fashion Kitty

Hey Fashion Kitty,

Please help! Here is my situation. Everytime that I see a particular pair of shoes, I search the internet to find out the designer/maker. I have not had any success in my searches. I don’t even know if these shoes are made anymore. My closet (shoe collection) will not be complete without these shoes. I have attached three pictures of Madonna wearing the shoes in question. Do you happen to know who makes these shoes and/or where I can purchase them? Please help!!!!


Desperately Seeking Shoe-san.

Hi Desperately Seeking Shoe-san,

Finding a celeb shoe online can be tough- especially if the shoe is more than 5 minutes old and there is no designer credit. I did a little searching and I believe I found your shoe. But here is the bad news, even on sale these things arent affordable. Saw them on Bluefly; Ralph Lauren Collection Originally $995 now marked down to $447. Ouch!

Lets find a cheaper alternative, shall we? I checked out and found some similar (not nearly as fabulous) Click here to check out their selection>

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  1. I hate when you see a celeb wearing something to die for – but its not a big known item. had a lot of cheap celeb knock offs

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