Dear Fashion Kitty

Question for you…I am a bit on the hippy side, would I be able to wear belts that are slung lower? You can check out my blog to get an idea of my body type.

– Hippy Chick

Hello Hippy Chick,

This is an easy one! Of course you can. Personally I think this look would be much better on you than say the over played trend of wearing you belt high and tight around your waist. While I am on the topic let me go on a little rant about that trend.

Listen Ladies!! Stop it- just stop it. Everything doesn’t need to belted up. Your everday tee shirt doesn’t need a tight belt. Every dress you have doesn’t need a belt. This trend is becoming more played out than leggings. So stop!!!

Wear your belts wisely and on an as neeeded basis. Lets together bring back low belts. If you are hippy here is my recommendations…

  • Do not wear it too low (as it will excentuate your hips) Wear the belt slighly below your natural waistline.
  • If you want to slim your silhoutte its all about angles.

  • Low belts that have chains or ribbons hanging down are also flattering for hippy gals (check out Michael Kors selection of belts for this look).

Hope that helps- sure helped me, I am going belt shopping!!!

4 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen the belt-with-dress look a few times and thought it was done well. But more often that not, it looks like the person forgot where their belt loops are.

  2. So so true on the belt overkill – Wasit belts should be saved for Empire style dresses/tops.
    I love the idea of the angle belt!!!!

  3. Ooh la love. I rarely really, really lust after a product, but I must have that croco belt for my zoo of a wardrobe. Genius.

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