Dear Fashion Kitty…

Hi. I had a fashion question. is it just me, or did Uggs go out about two years ago???? I’m getting real mad , starting to see them again, for the third season in a row. And is it ok to wear leggings as just pants, or bottoms or whatever? is it completely necessary to wear a dress or skirt or tunic or whatever on top? I love the style. But I’m trying to be different here. My family said I look like a mime when I wore them plain. Can you put a comment on my blog? I have a pair of leggings,and I want to find a creative way to wear them before they go out of style.

No, its not just you. Uggs are popping up all over the place and it makes me SICK. They are NOT in style, don’t believe what anyone tells you. I actually saw a red pair at T.J. Maxx!! Bleck! Bad, bad, bad.

Moving right along….

Leggings. Want to wear ’em plain huh? Unless you are really tiny and have a large sum of style, I know say no. If your family says you look like a mime, they might be on to something. My concern is that if you have any traces of an ass you run the risk of looking like Peg Bundy.

A nice alternative is black skinny jeans OR leggings that have an interesting detail at the bottom ( I have seen some cute ones that go a bit wider at the bottom with button details). Then they can fly as pants.

Side note- Leggings and mini skirts are SOOOOO over ( it looked terrible from the jump) To not look like a fool in leggings- go with layering under shorts, mod mini dresses, and tops that cover at least half of your ass.

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  1. hey! thsnks for the advice. eww, you will never believe what i saw today. a girl wearingwhite shorts, and blue uggs! UGG!!!!!!!!!!! i was trying not to crack up.

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