Big Fat VMA’s

Was it my widescreen tv or were the formally smokin’ stars looking a little FAT at Thursday’s VMA’s. Good golly it was hideous city. Stars make all that money for their trainers and nutritionist…use them damn it USE THEM. Before you pull out the rotten tomatoes to throw at me, I am not the only person who feels this way. Check out The Buffoonery for some snappy opinions.

The person I am disappointed in the most…Jessica Simpson. She looks like a flaming stack of crap. Lay off the twinkies honey ( by the way I called this the months ago, I knew she would pull a Spears)

5 thoughts on “Big Fat VMA’s”

  1. I agree! she needs to give this dress she stole from Mariah’s closet back! better yet, just shred it and wear a paper bag!

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