Another Bad Creation

If you thought those jodpher leggings I blogged about were ugly! Get a load of these… Daryl K what have you done. Its sad to see a trend come along that no one really wanted anyway, but them we reluctantly accept it and spend out hard earned cash on it. THEN the designers feel they need to reinvent the wheel and get all creative. Makes me sick! I am not the only one that was sick, check out my friends reaction to these when I showed her ( I am the IM in red).

[11:41 A.M.]: Daryl K Mini Sarong Pant – EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

[11:41 A.M.]:what in the hell!

[11:41 A.M.]: what

[11:41 A.M.]: what

[11:41 A.M.]: what

[11:41 A.M.]: what

[11:41 A.M.]: is that awful mess

[11:41 A.M.]: O WOW

[11:41 A.M.]: i’m so disturbed

[11:41 A.M.]: i was scared of the name but to SEE them! wow who is Darryl K and when can i beat him!

[11:42 A.M.]: LOL

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